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Belen's Story

A glance at my story…


I discovered Pilates years ago; decades before I even practiced it. 

As a child, in Argentina, I practiced numerous forms of sports thanks to my mom who liked to keep my brothers and I out of trouble. She would sign us up for every sport available. It was like living a sports dictatorship. 

I practiced and competed in every sport in the book! I spent the good old days, running from tennis to basketball, to volleyball, to handball, to softball, to roller skating, to field hockey among others.

As a teen, I started training at a local gym under the supervision of my brother Diego, who was, at the time, a PE professor. That’s when that passion for fitness and sports really kicked in.

On a hot summer day, I was doing what a 90’s teen did best, watching MTV. Kicking it on the couch, I saw Madonna talking about her workout routine and how she stayed in top shape. She was using an apparatus I had never seen in my life, the reformer. At the time, I had no idea what pilates was all about, but I knew that one day I was going to have one piece of equipment such as Madonna's. 

Numerous times I tried to convince my dad, who was always creating new inventions due to the lack of comforts of a developing country, to make me a reformer. A few years went by and a harsh economic crisis struck hard in Argentina. At this point there was no thinking about fitness, all we could think about was how to make it to the next day. 

In 2002, we moved to the US, and as unfortunate as it sounds, my dad passed away a few months after he arrived. He never got to live the American dream, but he persuaded us to stay and work in a country where hard work pays off, and dreams really do come true. 

During that time, sports and fitness was all a memory. As immigrants, we had to work 2-3 jobs a day. The pay was low and I was an easy target to those who tend to take advantage of people. But little by little, all that hard work started to pay off. Living in Miami, where the sun shines, the beaches, the night life, I started getting back in tune with my fitness goals.

Miami, Miami….Living there always felt like living a new episode of Miami Vice. 

In a few years, I was working for a very popular bank and life was good again. 

Around that time, I started weight training, and decided to sign up for an intensive personal training course where I got my first fitness certification. 

In 2015, I moved to Hawaii, and things were a little rough again. Now with a child, a little older, with a really weak postpartum core, injured back, and surfing full time, my body was handing me the bill.  Desperately, I started looking for something that would help me get better. That was when it all came back. Those days when I would dream about having a reformer came back. I finally signed up for my first pilates class in a local studio.  It was love at first practice. With this method, my body started to change, my back and hip were stable again, my abs were tight again. 

After just a few weeks, I signed up for a comprehensive pilates course. With hard work and long nights without sleep, I completed my first full Pilates certification. Currently, I run a pilates studio in the beautiful, and peaceful Pupukea, where I get to share my love and passion for Pilates with others. 

My thirst for knowledge about the human body and movement has taken me to continue my education throughout the years. Today, more than ever, I know the wonders Pilates can do for the human body, and I want to share this with the world. 

Practice Pilates
Transform your mind and body.

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