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Pilates on the North Shore, Oahu

The first step to transforming your mind and body is to chat with Belen about your needs and fitness goals.

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Private Pilates Sessions

Are you new to Pilates? Are you recovering from an injury, or simply want to improve your pilates practice? Private classes could be the answer…

During a Private session you will not only get the undivided attention of the instructor, but you will also get a fitness plan tailored to your goals and needs. With privates classes you will be able to see faster results as you get individualized attention from the instructor, who will make hands-on adjustments and corrections to find more efficient movement patterns, proper form and alignment. Throughout the class a variety of equipment can be used such as the Reformer, Chairs and Trapeze Table, depending on the client’s needs and preferences. 

Don’t wait, get stronger, feel better and look better, book your private session!

Level 1/2
Reformer/ Mixed Equipment Class

This a beginner class.This class is designed to lay an instrumental foundation for all your Pilates work in the reformer and other apparatus.

In this class, you will learn how to build your foundation and connect to your powerhouse. This class is slower pace but effective, and will leave you feeling strong.

Even though this class is foundational work and preparing you for an Intermediate Reformer class - anyone can benefit from this class!

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Level 2
Reformer/ Mixed Equipment Class.

During this session, clients will continue to practice the full beginner repertoire of exercises while intermediate principles and exercises are layered into the workout. 


This includes more weight bearing on arms, more complex movements, and larger ranges of motion with stability and balance challenges. 


Although the class is mainly done on the reformer, a variety of equipment could be used such as chair, towers and/or spine correctors.

Level 2/3
Reformer/Mixed Equipment Class

This class is meant for the long time Intermediate client ready to transition into Advanced movement on the Reformer and other apparatus.


This class is design for experienced pilates clients only

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About Belen

Belen holds a comprehensive Pilates certification on classical Pilates from Pilates O Ka LA. She has a great deal of experience with clients across the spectrum, from high performance athletes to those with injuries, prenatal, children, and the elderly. Each lesson is carefully tailored to the needs of the client.

Why do Pilates?

Pilates is not just exercise. Pilates is a system of physical and mental conditioning created by Joe Pilates in the 20th century. Through proper repetition and mastering the exercises, practitioners gradually acquire that natural control and coordination, associated with subconscious activities. 


The practice of pilates can improve your physical strength, flexibility, and coordination as well as reducing stress, and improving mental focus. Among other benefits, pilates can restore proper posture, mental and spiritual rejuvenation, self body awareness, spine decompression, enhance quality of life and weight loss.


Joseph Pilates, created a system of numerous exercises which could be performed on a mat, or in the apparatus created by him, such as the reformer, the wunda chair, Cadillac, spine corrector, among others. The idea is that anyone can do pilates, despite the age, injuries, or malalignments, and that the apparatus will facilitate the movement.

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I LOVE THIS PILATES CLASSES! In the beginning I started  Pilates just to work out but I wasn't very optimistic on how much I was going to enjoy it. Well, it turned out that I really enjoy the classes and I'm always waiting for that time of the week that I have to go to class 


Great Pilates classes for all types of bodies. Belen is a very skilled, attentive, and responsive teacher. Her studio environment is clean and safe. She is an exceptional teacher. Don't miss the opportunity to work with her!


I started taking classes from Belen while suffering from a sever lumbar spine injury. The doctors suggested surgery. I had already been months in physical therapy with no improvement. I had lost probably 50% of my muscle mass.


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